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You may be unfamiliar with the many types of services that fall under the umbrella of environmental remediation. Read below for some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Air Clean Environmental Inc.

Environmental Remediation FAQs

What is your typical time frame for a job?

As it depends on the specific job, an assessment would have to be made first.

What type of hazardous materials are you able to handle?

We are licensed to handle mold, asbestos and lead.

Do you handle demolition?

Yes, we can handle up to three stories of hard demolition.

When is an asbestos survey report required?

An asbestos survey is required before performing any demolition or renovation project.

If I hired a general contractor, can it remove asbestos if it is less than 100 square feet?

No, only an asbestos removal contractor is allowed to remove asbestos in the state of California. Air Clean Environmental Inc is a registered asbestos removal contractor.

If I know for sure there is no asbestos in my home, can I continue with demolition?

No, all demolition requires an asbestos report to confirm its absence.

When was asbestos use phased out?

Until the 1970s, products used in building construction often contained asbestos.

What type of different services do you provide?

In addition to handling hazardous materials, Air Clean Environmental Inc is capable of handling pest cleanup, fire cleanup, HVAC cleaning, and water damage and disaster cleanup.

Will your company accept my insurance?

Air Clean Environmental Inc accepts many insurance policies for jobs such as water damage, and fire cleanup.

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