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Asbestos fibers get into the air when materials containing the minerals are damaged, disturbed, crushed, or removed unsafely. Asbestos is only hazardous when it is exposed and its long, thin fibers become dislodged and airborne. This is when asbestos abatement becomes necessary to protect the health of the people who live or work around the site of asbestos exposure. Need a professional company for lead paint abatement in Anaheim, CA? Air Clean Environmental Inc offers vast experience in property inspections.


At Air Clean Environmental Inc, our team for lead abatement in Anaheim CA can safely mitigate any asbestos issues within your building to ensure your safety. When you call, we will send a technician to evaluate your property and ensure your safety. Our staff can also prepare a comprehensive report at the end of the project including notes and recommendations to prevent further exposure. Contact Us in order to find out more about our Anaheim lead-based paint abatement and inspection services or give us a call at 323-725-0200. We are devoted to safe and proficient lead abatement services. We are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship at competitive rates. Whether you need lead paint removal, asbestos removal or mold remediation, we have the expertise to get your home back in livable condition!


We are the best value in Anaheim for lead-based paint removal. Our years of experience, excellent qualifications, professional expertise and skilled, certified staff make us the best lead paint removal specialists in Anaheim, but we still offer the most competitive rates for our work.

lead abatement Anaheim CA

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